Looney Tunes Dash V1.82.07 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]


Looney Tunes Dash V1.82.07 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

Looney Tunes Dash V1.82.07 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

Run, jump, smash, and slide into new levels and adventures with Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird, and other Looney Tunes favorites! Complete level objectives to unlock new Looney Tunes characters and zones based on iconic Looney Tunes landscapes. Enjoy loads of wild, whacky, and looney ways to run as you discover each character’s Special Ability and Collector’s Card. It’s time to run, Doc!

What’s New ?

  • “Episode 44: “Rapid Rapids Racers” starring Bugs and Elmer!
  • Watch out wabbit, steer clear from Elmer! Help Bugs slide through scary sawmills and turbulent rapids in an all new episode!
  • Also featuring a new hidden Looney Card Collection.”


  • Run as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, and other favorite Looney Tunes characters!
  • Explore and run in iconic Episodes like Painted Desert, Tweety’s Neighborhood, and more!
  • Complete level goals to progress on the Looney Tunes map and unlock more zones!
  • Unlock and master each character’s Special Ability for extra running power!
  • Grab Power-Ups to fly like a superhero, blast through obstacles, plus loads of other surprises!
  • Collect Looney Tunes Collector’s Cards to fill your Looney Tunes Bin and learn fun trivia!
  • Prank other Looney Tunes characters for more coins and points!



Looney Tunes Dash V1.82.07 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL] Looney Tunes Dash V1.82.07 MOD APK [Unlimited ALL]

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