DU Battery Saver – Power Saver V4.7.8.1 Cracked APK [Patched]


DU Battery Saver - Power Saver V4.7.8.1 Cracked APK [Patched]

DU Battery Saver – Power Saver V4.7.8.1 Cracked APK [Patched]

DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer, and can help you get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone! Over 400 million users around the world love DU Battery Saver. With DU Battery Saver’s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy battery charger stage features, you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life.

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What’s New ?

  • Fixed a problem where battery life was not calculated correctly on some models.
  • Optimized the home page style to be more relaxed, more modern.


  • One-Click Optimization & Battery Saver: Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to fine-tune your energy savings;
  • Smart Pre-set Modes: Choose or customize a mode that fits your energy usage;
  • Phone Cooler: The cool down feature works by systematically monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware;
  • Battery Saver & Battery Monitor: Monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps. Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you use 1tap saving. Monitor all running-apps’ power consumption and list you the detail to app manager, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage;
  • Convenient Power-Saving Widget: Our “Task Killer” widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently. The 4×1 widget makes it easier to manage Wifi, Data, Brightness, etc, and set power saving modes; DU Swipe became more useful: Added camera & OPTIMIZE shortcuts.

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DU Battery Saver - Power Saver V4.7.8.1 Cracked APK [Patched] DU Battery Saver - Power Saver V4.7.8.1 Cracked APK [Patched]

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